Cloud Virtual Environments. Deployed.

Software libraries, tools, and services for deploying applications on multiple IaaS cloud providers.

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CloudVE is an incubator project for developing software tailored for multi-cloud computing. We are developing a suite of tools that allow applications to be readily deployed to the most popular cloud providers: AWS, Azure, GCE, and OpenStack. The software stack is based on Kubernetes and Helm for portability and robustness.


A consistent interface to multiple IaaS clouds.


An completely customizable cloud application launcher.


Infrastrucutre manager for deployed applications.


Assemble your own Virtual Lab Compose your virtual lab from an extensive library of existing components, and weave and customize them together to suit your needs.

Powered by Kubernetes Battle-tested container orchestration that makes it easy to port your apps to different platforms, with no lock-in to our framework.

Natively multi-cloud Every piece of the CloudVE technology stack has been carefully chosen to be natively multi-cloud, with our own highly-tested abstraction layer powering IaaS abstraction.

Scalable infrastructure Every piece of the infrastructure has been designed to be independently scaled and managed. Sensible defaults with opportunity for complete customization.